Fire Environment Mapping System (FEMS)

Fire Danger - Any Place, Any Time

FEMS is a new wildland fire IT application which will support wildland fire preparedness and decision-making with better access to fire environment datasets and online analysis tools. The FEMS application will be developed over a few years with version 1.0 scheduled for release in Fall 2022. FEMS 1.0 will include the following functionality:

  • An interactive user interface with maps, tables and charts which displays RAWS weather and NFDRSv4 outputs
    • These datasets will include the full history of archived observations for each RAWS.
    • These datasets will also include a 7-day hourly forecast of weather (provided by NOAA) and calculated NFDRSv4 outputs.
  • Rest API Services of RAWS weather and NFDRSv4 outputs will be available for use by other wildland fire applications (e.g. WFDSS, IFTDSS)

Additional development phases are planned for 2023 and beyond. Visit the Development Schedule section to learn more.

FEMS will support a core principle of the Cohesive Strategy, that all jurisdictions participate in making and implementing risk-based wildland fire management decisions using the best available science. The network of Remote Automated Weather Stations (RAWS) and the National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS) are the foundation for the application. FEMS will enable management and display of NFDRSv4 outputs in spatial and temporal formats not previously available to the local user on a national scale. FEMS will consolidate and stabilize the functions of several legacy applications and provide authenticated data to other systems (such as the Wildland Fire Decision Support System) reliant on fire weather and fire danger rating information.

FEMS will be dynamic in design to evolve as new science addresses unmet fire weather and fire danger business needs. The platform should respond to and incubate new ideas from research to operations.