NextGen User Groups

WFDSS NextGen will be changing the way user feedback will be collected. Please sign up using this form for future opportunities to provide feedback.

Integration of an authentication solution has not been possible to this point so users are unable to login to the system.  Instead of getting in-depth feedback from user groups of limited sizes, we will be gathering specific feedback from large user groups. 



The WFDSS application is "data rich". It requires spatially oriented data and graphically displays information to assist the fire managers and analysts in making strategic decisions for fire incidents. Due to the type and number of interagency spatial data sets required, an interagency GIS Team was formed to provide data support for WFDSS.

Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS)

The Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS) application is a data rich, map-centric application that graphically displays information in order to provide as  much information as possible to agency administrators, line officers, fire managers, and analysts as they move through the risk informed decision process for wildland fire.

WFDSS replaced previous risk informed decision processes with more intuitive, linear, scalable, and flexible risk informed decision process capable of adapting to changing fire complexity.

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