RSFWSU Training Classes

The RSFWSU provides syllabus, curriculum, training aids, and instructors for the RAWS maintenance training courses. These courses are offered six times annually and scheduled by the Geographic Area Training Representatives (GATR). This training is principally for customers who maintain their stations via RSFWSU Depot Service or Portable Return contract options. 

PLEASE NOTE: All training applications and nomination packages must be submitted through your local area GATR. The RSFWSU office does not accept or process any training requests. 


Locate the resources you need right here for your RAWS program. Get the current schedule for RAWS training classes conducted by our own RSFWSU staff. Find forms to open an account in WFMI, create a parts order list for your station, or automate your sensor rehab schedule. Download documents from our training classes and get technical information specific to the type of equipment you maintain. As well as helpful links to other websites used throughout the RAWS community.


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