Fire EGP Tools & Data

Spend less time searching wildland fire data...and more time using it.

Fire Globe SituationAnalyst / GDAT

Fire Globe

The Fire Globe supports a widely disseminated situational awareness view of wild land fire from a 3D globe perspective to a wide audience of Fire EGP users. The Fire Globe is available in 3D and 2D views using any of the three Fire Globe Clients: Web Client, Google Earth, and Maps Engine.

SituationAnalyst / GDAT

SituationAnalyst (SA) and the Geospatial Dashboard and Analysis Tool (GDAT) provide an integrated tactical and operational decision support tool for wildland fire. SA combines a traditional "common operational picture" with collaborative mapping, geospatial and imagery analysis, and analytical reporting. The GDAT provides top-level business analytics capabilities.

RisC Fire EGP Data


The Incident Control Console (RisC) is an analytic dashboard for authorized users that provides additional data analytics views to wildland fire related data and statistics.

Fire EGP Data

The entire inventory of data (static or dynamic) is available for use in EGP through any of the viewers. A data dictionary/inventory is provided for Fire EGP users to review and request access to these data layers.