Accounts/Password/Web Status

QRC's and Tip Sheets  
Link to sign into IROC This link will take you to the sign in page for the IROC application
Approving/Rejecting IROC User Roles This Tip Sheet describes the process of managing user roles for your center.
How to Access IROC This document discusses the steps for getting access to IROC.

Creating a Account

Directions on how to create a account
Famauth Users Guide Everything you wanted to know about FAMauth.
Granting Access to Vendors and Dispatchers As a dispatch manager or IROC administrator, you can log into IROC to view and approve access requests from dispatchers and web status access requests from vendors within your managing organization. 
Requesting Organization Access for Dispatchers As a dispatcher, you can log into IROC to request access to a dispatch organization. 
Managing Organization Access Users who gain access to IROC will not have access to any IROC features until they are assigned roles. A dispatch manager at the user’s dispatch must set that user’s roles in IROC. This task is accomplished in the My Organization Access Roles module in IROC Data Management Tool (DMT) and the process is described in this document.  
Requesting IMT Roles From Dispatch - Tip Sheet This tip describes the process an IMT member will need to go through to obtain access to IROC. 
Updating I-Nap Passwords Please review this document if you are having any issues with your iNAP password.  
User Roles IROC is available to a variety of users. User roles are designed to provide you the IROC functionality that you need. Data access may be further limited to activities within your organization. 
Web Status  
Getting Access and Setting Vendor Web Status As a vendor, you can log into IROC to set the status for your resources. To do so, you must first request Vendor Web Status. You can then set the available area and the status for the resource.
Overhead Self Status As an overhead resource with qualifications, you can log in to IROC to set your status. This document gives direction on how to do that.
Requesting and Setting Government Representative Web Status You can log into IROC to set your status and available area. To do so, you must first request access. 
Web Status for Vendors - Tip Sheet Describes the process to use for vendors setting up their accounts for web status.  
Vendor Web Status Video Video goes through the process a vendor needs to go through to set their availability in IROC.