IROC Course Materials

Navigating the IROC Portal

Student Guide - Navigating the IROC Portal This topic gives a general over-view of the portal structure and the different functionality it has. (06-2021)

Creating Incidents

Student Guide - Creating Incidents This topic covers the information necessary to create an incident in IROC. Note that most incidents are added to IROC from another system. This document describes those occasions when you need to create an incident, including a preposition incident. It also covers how to change an incident number or the incident's protecting unit (formerly referred to as incident host unit or jurisdictional unit).  (06-2021)
Power Point - Creating Incidents  

Maintaining Incidents

Student Guide - Maintaining Incidents This topic covers the information necessary to maintain an incident in IROC, including adding incidents to IROC from an outside system. As a dispatcher, you can view all information related to incidents in your dispatch center.  (06-2021)
Power Point - Maintaining Incidents  

New Requests

Student Guide - Creating a New Request This topic covers the information necessary to create a new request, including supplemental requests, NFES requests, configuration, compact, EMAC, and state-to-state orders. It also describes how to attach forms to a request.
Power Point - Creating a New Request  

Pending Requests

Student Guide - Managing Pending Requests This topic covers how to manage pending requests within IROC. Sections of the guides include information on how to fill, place, cancel, and retrieve a pending request, as well as how to generate a resource order form. It describes how to manage individual pending requests and how to manage multiple requests at once.
Power Point - Managing Pending Requests  

Request Status

Student Guide - Managing Request Status This topic covers the information necessary to determine and monitor the status of multiple or single requests in IROC. It describes how to edit a request or assignment, unfill or retrieve a request, manage NFES requests, cancel reassignments, convert a request to a support request, and add subordinate requests.
Power Point - Managing Request Status  


Student Guide - Releasing and Reassigning Resources This topic covers the information necessary to release and reassign resources in IROC, including modifying a resource's release.
Power Point - Releasing and Reassigning Resources  

Setting Travel

Student Guide - Setting Travel This topic covers how to set travel for resources within IROC, including setting ETD/ETA, setting travel with an itinerary, and setting travel to be arranged. The Travel Options field appears in several places throughout IROC Portal. Regardless of where it appears, the process for completing the information is the same.
Power Point - Setting Travel  


Student Guide - Maintaining Rosters  This topic covers all information related to rosters in IROC, including creating rosters and maintaining rosters.  (06-2021)
Power Point - Maintaining Rosters  

Assignment Rosters

Student Guide - Assignment Rosters  This topic covers information about how to work with assignment rosters, including the various ways to fill a roster using an assignment roster. (06-2021)
Power Point - Assignment Rosters  

Resource Status

Student Guide - Resource Status This topic covers the information necessary to monitor the status of your resources in IROC. You will learn how to set availability/unavailability and availability area, as well as how to view resource status.  (06-2021)
Power Point - Resource Status  

Final Scenario