NextGen User Groups

WFDSS NextGen will be changing the way user feedback will be collected. Please sign up using this form for future opportunities to provide feedback.

Integration of an authentication solution has not been possible to this point so users are unable to login to the system.  Instead of getting in-depth feedback from user groups of limited sizes, we will be gathering specific feedback from large user groups. 

The way user feedback will be gathered will be through demos of specific parts of the application in short sessions that are recorded and then used to collect specific feedback.  Keep in mind that some demos will be seeking feedback for parts of the application that are still being built and are non or partially functional. Feedback will only be able to be taken for a limited period of time as development continues forward. These feedback efforts are a work in progress so thank you in advance for your patience as we work out the kinks. 

If you are interested in being invited to the live demos or want to be included in correspondence please fill out the form below even if you have already been signed up previously. 

We look forward to hearing your feedback. 

To sign up please fill out the sign up form
Previous Sessions:
Session 1: Incident Search & Landing Page   7-14-2022
            Feedback Form (Closes Aug 4)
Session 2: My Home   7-28-2022
            Feedback Form (Closes Aug 18)
Session 3: Roles 8-4-2022
            Presentation PDF   
            Feedback Form (Closes Aug 25)