Release Notes

iNAP Version 2.0

This is a synopsis of the new and corrected functionality included in iNAP version 2.0.  The primary objectives for this release are to remove the dependency on the Adobe Flash Player, refresh the user interface and provide enhancements to improve efficiency for iNAP administrators.


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New or Changed Functionality

  • The user interface has been redesigned to align with Forest Service standards.

  • The term ‘Privileged’ has been replaced by ‘Elevated’ throughout iNAP.

  • Administrator roles have been simplified from seven roles down to three.

  • For linked profiles, the email address for the linked eAuthentication or account is now captured and displayed.

  • Each application in iNAP now has a designated set of elevated users that can approve user access to the application.

  • The Employee Type attribute has been replaced with Primary Affiliation.

  • The Organization and Agency attributes are now more closely associated with data from the Organization Information System (OIS).

  • The Rules of Behavior for an account or profile are now derived by the system.

  • Improve ability for profile users to request access to additional iNAP applications.

Reports Changes

  • Reports have been updated with the new and removed attributes for the application changes described above.

Defects Fixed in this Version

  • The subject for the email that is sent when a user account request is rejected has been updated from NAP to iNAP.

  • Update of the ‘iNAP is System of Record for Role Assignments’ checkbox when editing an application is now saved to the database.

Additional Changes

  • The iNAP user interface has been entirely rewritten from Adobe Flex to Angular, to eliminate the dependency on the Adobe Flash Player which has an End of Life of December 31, 2020.

  • The iNAP server has been upgraded to version 5.2.8 of the Spring framework and associated libraries, both for compatibility with the new user interface and to address security vulnerabilities.