IROC Quick Reference Cards and Training Videos


Quick Reference Cards

Name Description

Account Access

Accessing IROC  
e-ISuite Access  
Granting Access to Vendors and Dispatchers  
Organization Access for Dispatchers  
Updating INAP Passwords  
User Roles  


Adding Resources to a Contract  
Disabling Rosters from Contract Screen  

Creating Resources

Data Management Tool (DMT)

Accessing Help in DMT  
Complex Filters in DMT  
Creating Favorites in the DMT  
Exporting Lists in DMT  
Managing Organization Access Rules in DMT  
My IROC Application in DMT  
Quick Filters in DMT  
Performing Searches in DMT  
Personalizing Lists in DMT  
Structure of the DMT  
Working in the DMT  


Creating an Incident  
Deleting a Financial Code  
Finding Incident Contact Info - Portal  
Incident Contacts  
Maintaining an Incident in Accordian View  
Maintaining an Incident in List View  
Modifying a Protecting Unit  
Requesting a Fire Code  
Resolving Incident Conflicts  
Track Incident Resources  
Transferring an Incident  

Maintaining Resources


Adding a Contact to an Organization  
Maintaining Organization Contacts  
Organization Access  


Accessing Help in the Portal  
Portal User Interface Icons  
Using Filters in the Portal  
The Structure of the Portal  
Using the new IROC Portal Homepage Navigation  


Accessing RODW - Cognos  
Creating a Report from List View  
IROC Reporting Module Explains how to access current reports created for a specific use and how to save and change the data as desired, to fit your needs. (Published 11/23/2020)
Requesting RODW Access  


Creating a Request  
Creating an NFES Request  
Creating an NFES Supply Request  
Cancelling the Release of a Resource  
Claiming and Retrieving Multiple Requests  
Converting Requests to Support Requests  
Filling a Configuration Request with a Single Resource  
Filling Overhead Qualified and Trainee Resources  
Filling a Request  
Generating a Resource Order From Requests List View  
Monitoring Status of NFES Request  
Placing NFES Supply Requests to Cache  
Reassigning Resources  
Releasing a Resource in the Manage Request Screen  
Releasing Resources in the Request Status List View  
Resetting a Fill Request  
Retreiving an NFES Supply Request Placed to the Cache  
Unfilling a Request  
Viewing Request Status  


Creating a Roster  
Managing a Roster  
Adding Positions to a Roster  
Disabling Rosters from Contract Screen  
Fill with Master Roster  
Fill with a Nested Roster  
Filling a Configuration Request from Scratch Using an Assignment Roster  
Filling a Configuration Request with an Assignment Roster Using the Master Roster  
Filling a Request with an Assignment Roster Using a Configuration  

Selection Area

Creating a New Selection Area Affiliation  
Creating a New Selection Area Master  
Establishing Ordering Authority in DMT  
Establishing Placing Authority on Selection Area  
Managing Selection areas in DMT  
Removing Org From Selection Area Master  

Web Status

Web Status Overhead  
Web Status Vendor  
Web Status - Government Representative  

IROC Tip Sheets

Resource Availability Report Describes how to create a simple report to see resource availability (Published 3/19/21)
Inactivate Resource and Hiding Overhead Qualifications Describes the best way to make a resource inactive and how to hide overhead qualifications. (Published 3/26/21)

IROC Training Videos

Name Description
Navigating Homepage Portal This video explores the IROC portal home pages, improved architecture and functionality. Covered in this video are the following three main areas of the homepage: 1) Content Selectors, 2) Action Tiles, and 3) Main Work Area. (Published 3/5/21)