Job Aids

Job Aids:

***New*** Android TC8000 Scan Gun User ManualĀ 

Adjusting Inventory
Changing Inventory Attributes
Cleanup/Canceling Stuck Move Requests
Clearing Cache from Internet Explorer
Completing a Refurbishment Work Order
Creating and Deleting User Accounts Using the Configurator
Creating an Incident Issue
Creating a DLA/GSA Inbound Order
Creating an Inbound Order - Non GSA/DLA
Creating a Cache-to-Cache Transfer
Creating and Confirming a Kitting Work Order
Creating and Confirming De-Kitting Work Order
Creating an Issue with UTF (Unable to Fill), Backorder, or Forwarded Quantities
Creating an NRFI Cache-to-Cache Transfer
Creating an Other Order
Creating and Processing a Return
Creating, Releasing, and Assigning Count Tasks
Creating Returns Using Mobile Scan Gun (RFI, NRFI, UNS, UNSNWT)
Scanning Ready-for-Issue (RFI) Items Using the Scan Gun and License Plate Number (LPN)
Creating a Supplier Item Entry
Obtaining Support and Service for Zebra Label Printers
Printing Functions
Receiving an Inbound Order
Receiving a Cache-to-Cache Transfer
Receiving New Trackable Property
Restoring Lost IP Address Settings and Configurations to Zebra Printers
Scan Gun Ad Hoc Move
Logging onto the Scan Gun
Completing Count Requests Using the Scan Gun
Completing an Inventory Inquiry Using the Scan Gun
Completing a Putaway Using a Scan Gun
Completing a Scan Gun Retrieval
Working with Scan Gun Exception Codes
Serial Number Mandatory if Item is Serialized
Receiving Cache to Cache Using Scan Gun
Scan Gun Manual Date and Time Update
Completing a Returns Correction