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Update on Federal Lands Layer and Printing:

Problems have been reported with the Federal Lands Layer.
If you are using IE, you must choose the allow content popup that is displayed when you either enter into lightning or when you select the Federal lands layers.
If you are using Chrome. To display the federal Lands layers you must click on the icon shield on the url line (right side), then select "load unsafe scripts".

For both you may need to refresh your screen and re-select the layers.

Printing from IE update.
You can printing from IE.  You must choose the select the File tab then choose print preview. That will enable the printing functions for IE.  If you are seeing blank pages choose a different aspect or size down  50%, 60% etc.. you can choose either aspect.   The "shrink to fit" option does not seem to work unless you have sized down your browser.  But you can use your larger browser window and still get print from it.
If you try doing the right click print option it probably will not work, you get blank pages, most likely because it is choosing the "shrink to fit" and your browser is too large to handle it.