NextGen Development

An effort to update WFDSS has begun. We will be building a new user interface as well as updating underlying system architecture to incorporate new technology available since WFDSS was first built in 2007. We want your feedback on your needs and wants for the next version of WFDSS. Before submitting your requirements and enhancement requests please double check your issue hasn’t already been captured in the inventory, which will be updated every few weeks.

The current operational version of WFDSS will be maintained in its current state of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) with no Development Modernization or Enhancements (DME) taking place. Patching and necessary technical upgrades and changes necessary to comply with CIO policy and hosting environment requirements will continue until the Next Generation WFDSS is ready for production use.

If you would like to participate in User Groups to provide feedback as we develop please sign up anytime. More information can be found in the User Groups section of the "NEWS" area of the WFDSS Application landing page

Updates on the next generation of WFDSS will be available periodically and will be posted in the NextGen Updates under "NEWS" on the WFDSS landing page.