NOAA has issued a requirement to upgrade all transmitters to CS-2. All transmitters sold after May 1st 2012 are CS-2 compliant. All field users have until 31 May 2023 to upgrade their transmitters to CS-2. CS-2 doubles the channels currently on the GOES satellite. You will not have to move your existing 300 baud time slot, but you will have to get your transmitter upgraded.

CS-1 transmitters are no longer commercially available and the RSFWSU only has a limited number of F6/G5 units with CS-1 transmitters as spares. If a CS-1 transmitter needs repair, it may require downtime and loss of data while the unit is sent in for a repair and return. CS-2 transmitters cannot be substituted for CS-1 transmitters.


If you have an FTS RAWS, determine whether your station has a CS-1 or CS-2 transmitter. CS-2 transmitters have labeling that identifies them directly on the front and side of the F6 logger.

Pictures can be seen here: http://raws.fam.nwcg.gov/specs_f6_cs2.html

Contact FTS (http://www.ftsinc.com/) for pricing and to schedule your system to be upgraded to CS-2.


If you have a Vaisala RAWS, the Omni Sat transmitter in the Vaisala DCP can be upgraded to CS-2.Contact Vaisala (http://www.vaisala.com/en/Pages/default.aspx) for pricing and scheduling.

The RSFWSU currently has no Omni Sat CS-2 transmitters.

Please contact your Agency RAWS program manager if you have any questions.