RM Young WS/WD

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RM Young WS/WD

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Wind Sensor


RM Young Integrated Wind Speed / Wind Direction

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See Notes

Calibration Cycle: 

2 Years/Per Manufacturers Specifications


Vaisala; FTS

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The RM Young WS/WD sensor comes in a number of different configurations depending on the application. Refer to the configuration table below to determine the correct model for your application.

Rotating # Type Model # RM Young # Application Cable (See NOTE)
38319 453A (RM Young - Frequency Reading) 453A WSWD 05103 Vaisala 40010 / 39289 (micro)
38318 453AQ (RM Young - Voltage Reading) 453AQ WSWD 05305AQ Vaisala 40011
39267 453-SDI (RM Young w/ SDI card & 4-pin conn)(VAI) 453-SDI WS/WD 05103 Vaisala N/A (hardwired)
39282 SDI-WS-RMY-2 (FTS RM Young w/ SDI card & 3-pin conn) SDI-WS-RMY-2 05103 FTS N/A (hardwired)

NOTE: Standard cable length is 35ft. For special applications requiring lengths longer than 35ft please specify your requirements under SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS when ordering through WFMI