Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials have been developed as a self-paced learning option for various audiences, as follows:

  • Tutorials can be used if attendance in a classroom refresher session is not possible. 
  • First-time users - learn the basics of e-ISuite -- to prepare for, or review, an e-ISuite classroom session. 
  • Incident responders - learn how e-ISuite can be utilized with or without internet connectivity.

Introduction (13 minutes) 

Account Manager - Site  (22 minutes) 

Account Manager - Enterprise (12 minutes) 

Data Steward - Site* (22 minutes) 

Data Steward - Enterprise* (32 minutes) 

Check-In/Demob (47 minutes) 

IAP (30 minutes) 

TIME (45 minutes) 

COST (45 minutes)

TNSP-Training Specialist (45 minutes) 

Custom Reports (26 minutes)


Online Training / Tutorials

Audio/video files in *.exe format  
Adobe Flash Player 11 - required 
Screen resolution - 1360x768 - recommended


  1. Click (single) on the desired link. 
  2. When the "Save As" dialog box opens, save the file to the desktop. 

When the download has completed:

  1. Double click on the *.exe file on the desktop to launch the session 
  2. Click "Run" 
  3. For Closed Captioning (CC), hover mouse near bottom of screen once the session is running.

*Includes Incident management, ROSS Import, Finance Export, and Data Transfer