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e-ISuite is owned by the Government of the United States.  e-ISuite Site is available for use at no cost.  No licensing or fees are required.

The SITE version of e-ISuite is intended for use on a remote site incident where an Incident Management organization is in place. Site will be downloaded and installed on a local server to be used on the incident’s local network.


You MUST uninstall any previous versions of e-ISuite-Site before installing the Full Install of e-ISuite Site-Production.

Patch 5 to Version 2.2.0 2.2.0 09/30/2022 10.0 MB The purpose of this patch is to correct issues found in Version 2.2.0.  Please read the Release Notes prior to installing this patch.

e-ISuite Site - Production Full Install








471.1 MB




Please read the Release Notes prior to installing.  Download the e-ISuite Site Install Power Point for step-by-step instructions for the install and database setup.  PREVIOUS VERSIONS MUST BE UNINSTALLED PRIOR TO INSTALLING VERSION 2.2.0