Data and Data Management

Data Management Program

Wildland Fire Enterprise Data Architecture

  • Description and status
  • Access (This will likely be a document but it would be great to have a way to search it… probably depends on what the final product looks like. It could also be represented in EDG at some point (at least parts of it)

WF Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) tool

  • Overview and description
  • Public Read Only Access
  • Data Steward tools and guidance (documents)
  • Using EDG APIs (document)
  • Using GraphQL to query EDG (document)

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Interagency Wildland Fire Data Summit

A collaboration between the Data Management Program and NWCG Data Management Committee

Objective: To engage in open communications with the interagency wildland fire data management community for the purpose of reviewing and consolidating application business plans, discussing and planning interagency data management architecture and best practices, and to work through data issues and areas of concern as they impact day-to-day and future data management operations.