How do I get my card(s) posted here?

PocketCard Approval and Posting Process
FireDanger Subcommittee (FDSC)
Updated February, 2011


Step 1. Local unit produces/updates PocketCard(s) following standards and guidelines described on the NWCG FAMWEB PocketCard Web Page. Preferred format for the PocketCard is PNG or JPG. Assistance in creating a PocketCard can be obtained from your Agency Approver or any member of the FDSC 

Step 2. Upload PocketCard(s) to appropriate unit folder on FTP site. Locate your GACC and follow the file structure to your unit. The FTP directory structure is the same as found on the PocketCard Web Page. (Password and instructions for uploading to the ftp site can be obtained from the Agency Approving Official (see contacts page)

Step 3. Notify Agency approving official (see contacts page) via email that new PocketCard(s) are on the ftp site. Include FTP hyperlinks to the card(s) in email. Instructions on creating a hyperlink and uploading to the FTP site are posted on the information page.

Approval and Posting

Step 1. Agency Approver reviews PocketCard(s) to ensure Agency and NWCG standards are met. If approved, notify FDSC contact (see contacts page) via email. Include FTP hyperlinks to the approved PocketCard(s).

If PocketCard(s) are not approved, provide appropriate feedback to creator.

Step 2. FDSC reviews PocketCard(s) to verify the intent of the NFDRS is met. If so, FDSC contact notifies PocketCard Project Manager (PM) via email with a link to the PocketCard(s) to be posted to the PocketCard Website.

If PocketCard(s) are not approved, provide appropriate feedback to Creator and Agency Approver

Step 3. PocketCard PM notifies FAMWEB Operations & Maintenance (O&M) contractor of PocketCard(s) to be posted on the PocketCard Website, including FTP hyperlinks. 

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