PocketCard Contact List

December 2017

FAMWEB PocketCard Project Manager Linnea Keating 

Fire Danger Subcommittee PocketCard Contacts
            Primary:   Jon Wallace 

PocketCard Agency Approval Contacts 

US Forest Service
R1 - Chad Pickering    
R2 - Flint Cheney   
R3 - Send to Chuck Maxwell.  Chuck will forward for approval to Duane Tewa.
R4- Shelby Law 
R5- Russ Gripp 
R6 - WA+: Brian Maier (COL, CGF, GPF, MHF, MSF, OLF, OWF) 
R6 - OR Eastside: Katie Hetts (DEF, FWF, MAF, OCF, UMF, WWF) 
R6 - OR Westside: Morgan Pence (SUF, WIF, UPF, RSF) 
R8 - Allan Hepworth 
R9 - Send to Steve Marien. Steve will forward for approval to Ray Parrish
R10 - Rick Stratton

BLM Approving Official:   Karla Luttrell

USFWS Approving Official:  Chris Wilcox

BIA Approving Official:   Steven Larrabee

NPS Approving Official by Geographic Area:

CA North Zone, CA South Zone, Northwest, and Great Basin West:    Tim Klukas 

Others:  TBD (Send PocketCard links to FAMWEB PocketCard Lead):  Linnea Keating