Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS)

The Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS) application is a data rich, map-centric application that graphically displays information in order to provide as  much information as possible to agency administrators, line officers, fire managers, and analysts as they move through the risk informed decision process for wildland fire.

WFDSS replaced previous risk informed decision processes with more intuitive, linear, scalable, and flexible risk informed decision process capable of adapting to changing fire complexity.

WFDSS provides the following advantages over previous systems:

●      Combines desktop applications for fire modeling into a web-based system for easier data acquisition and off site processing.

●      Provides an easy way for fire managers and analysts to accurately document their decision-making process by allowing results of analyses to be included in the decision document and included in the final incident report.

●      Provides one decision process and documentation system for all types of wildland fires.

●      Is a web-based application for easier sharing of analyses and reports across all levels of the federal wildland fire organization.

●      Introduces economic principles into the fire decision process.

Additional information about WFDSS can be found on the WFDSS website.

Before you log into WFDSS, make sure you read and understand the system Rules of Behavior.