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Please note:  Both Citrix and non-FS Citrix will be permanently unavailable for use beginning sometime this week.   They both sit on Win 2008 servers and the USDA has mandated the shutdown of all 2008 servers.  We have not been notified of the exact date these servers will be decommissioned, but believe it will be this week.  Once those servers are shut down, users using Citrix to log into ROSS will need to log in directly to the ROSS client. 

While we understand this causes some slowness in using ROSS for some users, we are hoping this will not be too much of an impact due to the time of year, activity level and the impending end of ROSS (early March).  Since IROC is web-based, there will be no need for a Citrix log in moving forward.

We appreciate your patience as we transition from ROSS, which was built on aging and some currently unsupported technology,  to IROC. 

Thank you.


ROSS consists of three application platforms: Production, Practice and Training. Each platform has a separate database (i.e. changes to Practice won't affect the Production database). Access to Production and Practice require a NAP account. Training is available on request and user accounts are provided at the time of the training.

Click on the links below to download and install an application. You may need assistance from a system administrator.

ROSS Production and Practice can also be accessed via Citrix and may work faster via Citrix.
Citrix Instructions for FS Citrix users.
Citrix Instructions for Non-FS Citrix users.

Click on the links below to download an application. You may need assistance from a system administrator.

IQS Export Utility is posted below. 

 Training #1  Training #2  Training #3
Export utility information can be found on the IQS website.