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The ability to pull reports from the Resource Ordering and Statusing System (ROSS) gives added dimension to decision-making. It provides record of resource status and allocation decisions and, when correlated with other decision-factors (such as fire weather), it sheds light on the decision-making processes. This gives us a greater understanding of ourselves and the choices we make under varying degrees of workload and stress. This is important.

Yet the complexities of the ROSS program, the naming conventions and the pre-defined functions and the web of relationships inside the database, can make pulling reports equally complicated. Pulling comprehensive reports means having a comprehensive understanding of the system, and the data, from which the reports originate. Building this sort of comprehension requires management of both technology and the people who use the technology—it requires training and organizing people to interface effectively with the technology.

The ROSS Reports Management Board was created to fulfill this requirement. RRMB’s purpose is to “provide governance to ROSS Reports and Reports Training. This includes organizing ROSS Report Users, managing processes, products and training to effectively meet user needs.” 

The ROSS Reports Management Board is not part of the ROSS Project, though clearly it’s associated by subject matter and works in coordination with the ROSS Change Control Board. RRMB is chartered under the National Coordination System Committee and consists of ROSS Reports users and customers that bring to the table a variety of needs and abilities: Intel Coordinators, Dispatchers, IMT members, Center Managers and others from the National and Geographic Area Coordination Centers, from State Agencies, from local dispatch centers and elsewhere. RRMB also interacts with subject matter experts from user and customer groups to broaden its vision and capacity. Ultimately, the goal of the ROSS Reports Management Board is to create a network of expertise across Geographic Areas and user communities that can support the information demanded by users and decision-makers. 

The work has already begun: the ROSS Reports Management Board is reorganizing ROSS Reports directories and standardizing naming conventions so standard reports can be easily searched out and utilized, minimizing the duplication of reports and the effort in creating them. Soon you should see outreach efforts that will provide information on new developments and that will seek your input into future developments.

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