Archive Data Delivery

To access Archive Data select this link: ROSS Archive Data Delivery.

Note: A valid DMS username and password are required to access ROSS Archive Data Delivery.

Archive Data Dictionary


The following presentations will help users work with the data in Excel spreadsheets: (You may need a System Administrator to download these video files for viewing).

ROSS Archive Data Delivery is a repository which contains data, presented in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Access databases and filtered by dispatch office (where appropriate) in the following categories:

Provides details about Agency, Dispatch, Managed By, and Reporting affiliation hierarchies and the parent/child relationships between the organizations belonging to the hierarchies
Provides the list of airports.
Committed Resources
Provides summary level statistics for resources currently committed and resources committed year to date.
Contract Organizations
Provides information on contracts and the role(s) of dispatch centers in relation to those contracts.
Contract Resources
Provides information on resources assigned to contracts
All Documentation
Provides system generated and user entered documentation for incidents, requests and request actions.
Financial Code
Provides the list of incident financial codes.
Provides the list of aviation hazards.
Provides details for individual incidents.
Incident Documentation
Provides details about the system generated and user entered documentation for Incidents.
Incident Summary
Provides summary level statistical information for incidents and requests on those incidents.
Provides information about physical sites of significance.
National (All) Data Sets
Compilations of information using National data.
Provides the list of organizations.
Pending Requests
Provides information for resource requests on incidents for which the requests are in a 'pending' state.
Request Documentation
Provides details about system generated and user entered documentation for requests and request actions.
Request Status
Provides details for resource requests on incidents down to the individual resource level.
Provides information for individual resources.
Resources Contacts
Provides contact information for overhead resources.
Resource History
Provides information for all the assignments preformed by individual resources.
Resource Qualifications
Provides information on the qualifications that resources have.
Provides details about rosters and the resources that are members of the rosters.
Provides information for resources that are currently traveling.
Travel Plan
Provides information for the Transportation resource, Traveling resources, Administration passengers, and Untracked supplies associated with the Travel Plan.
Unlinked Resources
Provides information for overhead resources that do not have a managing organization.
User Roles
Provides details about users and the roles they have been assigned within an organization. Also displays the most recent login time. 


Relational Databases
ROSS Relational Databases
Databases where information in different tables can be related to information in other tables through the use of database "keys'.