Change Control Board


Configuration Management (CM) is the ongoing process of identifying and managing changes to the ROSS application.

To submit suggestions for the ROSS system complete a Change Request Form and e-mail it to

Configuration Management Coordinator:

The Change Management Coordinator (CMC) has the following responsibilities:

Deliverables and other work products. The ROSS Project utilizes the processes found in the Configuration Management Plan to maintain a stable baseline, manage changes and facilitate stakeholder participation.

User Suggestions:

  • Gathers and reviews all proposed change requests.
  • Determines adequacy of supporting documentation and, if necessary, returns inadequately documented Change Requests (CR) to the submitting party for further documentation.
  • Categorizes Change Requests.
  • Enters Change Requests into the Configuration Management Repository (CMR) 
  • Prepares change request submissions for review by the CCB, as appropriate.
  • Facilitates, through the build process, any CR having security consideration (as identified in the SIA) to assure that the CR addresses security issues throughout the life cycle of the build (e.g., Requirements, Design, Test). 
  • Coordinates with the ROSS Project Test Coordinator to ensure the Test Coordinator conducts a post implementation review.

Change (Control) Board Membership:

Membership on the ROSS Change Control Board (CCB) is depicted in the table below. To ensure broad representation on the CCB, the National and Geographic Area Coordination and Dispatch Center Managers, as well as CAL Fire, appoint representatives who serve on the Board for a minimum of two years. In addition, the National Business Leads for dispatch and incident business sit on the board.

ROSS Configuration Management Board (CMB) Membership
Name Title Agency/Office Contact Info
Kenan Jaycox Change Control Board Chair Southwest Area Coordination Center
Susie Stingley Business Lead, Dispatch US Forest Service
Sarah Fisher Business Lead, Incident Business US Forest Service
Beth Spencer IROC / ROSS Project Manager US Forest Service
Angie Hinker Configuration Management Coordinator USFS
Vacant National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC) Representative NICC  
Kara Stringer Geographic Area Coordination Center Representative Great Basin Coordination Center
Kathy Pipkin Geographic Area Coordination Center Representative Northern Rockies Coordination Center
Bonita (Bonny) Johnson Local Dispatch Center Representative Kentucky Interagency Dispatch Center
Vacant Local Dispatch Center Representative    
Sean Lodge Local Dispatch Center Representative Northern Utah Interagency Dispatch Center
Juel Moore California Agency representative (USFS?CALFIRFE) Operations, Southern California





Change Control Board Meeting Notes:

User Suggestions: