ROSS and IROC Communications

ROSS and IROC Communications

The Dispatch Messaging System or DMS has been decommissioned and the ROSS/IROC Integrated Project Team is now using Firenet for communications. Below is a listing and short description of what each email group is used for along with links to each email address and information on how to subscribe to receive user notices.

ROSS IROC Org Maintenance –This replaces the ROSS Org maintenance DMS email address. It is used for requesting updates to the organization screen for items such as; Frequencies, Host Unit ID’s, Addresses and Phone Numbers, and Request Blocks. The Request Org Update page on the ROSS website and each request form has been updated with this new email address. Email:

ROSS IROC Suggestions – This group is used to send Change Requests to the Resource Ordering Change Board.  Email:

ROSS IROC Mailing Group – This replaces the ROSS User Notice email list. It is used by the ROSS team to inform users about important information such as; Release Notes, Planned Outages, and Critical information about ROSS and IROC. Users are required to subscribe in order to receive messages. To subscribe follow this link, complete and submit the form. 

A FireNet account is not required to receive ROSS/IROC user notices via the new mailing group.  However, if you are a federal, state, or local government employee, please use your official email address.

Additionally, please note that any ROSS User can and should subscribe to User Notices. If you know of someone who has not been on the DMS email list, please pass this along to them. You did not have to be on the DMS list to receive future notifications.

If you have any questions regarding any of the ROSS/IROC Firenet groups, please email Angie Hinker at