WFMI Weather - Maintenance User Access Request Form

Follow the instructions on page 2 to set up a WFMI account

Station Maintenance Form

This is a printable form designed for the field tech to keep track of station maintenance for posting later to WFMI narrative.

Station Update Form

Use this form to update station information and changes to a RAWS station. This form is also used to create a WFMI preventive maintenance schedule and a list of a parts/sensors that can be ordered through the RSFWSU Depot. This form must be filled out completely and as accurately as possible. ANY FORM WITH MISSING OR INACCURATE INFORMATION WILL BE RETURNED which will delay updating the station record in WFMI.

NOTE: For customers changing over to an FTS F6 station please refer to the station packing list to find the information necessary to complete the Station Update Form