The Fire Statistics System (FIRESTAT) is the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Forest Service application used to electronically enter information for the Individual Wildland Fire Report (Form FS-5100-29) and store it in the application on the National Fire and Aviation Management Web (FAMWEB) Database, housed at the National Information Technology Center (NITC) in Kansas City, Missouri. FIRESTAT is used to enter, update, and delete the required data on the Individual Wildland Fire Report.

The Individual Wildland Fire Report, Form FS-5100-29, provides timely statistical data and information for both administrative purposes and managers to use in making land and resource management decisions. The report is a record of fire occurrence, related fire behavior conditions, and the suppression actions taken by management. It is a building block for the historical data base from which other reports can be derived and analyses completed. Use for future fire and land and resource management analysis underscores the critical importance of complete and accurate fire reports.

The historical and current year data is stored in the FAMWEB Database.

FIRESTAT direction and business rules can be found in the Forest Service FIRESTAT User Guide for the Individual Wildland Fire Report, FS-5100-29.

As indicated in FSM 5180, Regional Foresters are responsible for: 

  • Establishing appropriate local reporting and review requirements to ensure that national reporting objectives are met at all times;
  • Ensuring that all fire record fields required for calculation of the Stratified Cost Index (SCI) are complete and accurate in FIRESTAT by October 31st for the prior fiscal year; and
  • Ensuring that all Regional fire records are complete and accurate in FIRESTAT by January 15th for the prior calendar year.