Five Goals of FEMS

1: Graphical User Interface - To provide a public facing, graphical user interface where forecasted NFDRSv4 outputs and weather information, as well as other fire danger information, can be accessed and viewed in map, chart, or table formats.  Historical data will also be available in FEMS.

2: Best Available Science - To provide the use of the best available science and technology including a geospatial gridded format for fire weather and corresponding fire danger information. FEMS will replace and enable the termination of several existing overlapping applications or systems, including WIMS, FireFamilyPlus, National Fuel Moisture Database (NFMD), Wildland Fire Assessment System (WFAS), Kansas City Fire Access Software (KCFAST), and FAMweb. FEMS utilizes a modeled grid for representative values across the landscape, enabling more accurate fire danger observations and forecasts over the current point-based observation or forecast.

3: Authoritative Data Source - To provide authoritative weather data for other wildland fire applications to ensure consistency in fire weather and fire danger data within the wildland fire enterprise through the establishment of an authoritative data source that will supply both historical and current forecast information.

4: Online Analysis Tools - To provide a suite of analysis tools from within a browser, enabling users to interact with these datasets in ways not previously possible. FEMS will bring to one platform the functionality of WIMS (operational NFDRSv4 interface), FireFamilyPlus (decision point analysis, pocket cards), WRCC (archived Remote Automated Weather System [RAWS] data, climatology products), MesoWest (real-time weather, including other station networks), NFMD (sampled fuel moisture data), WFSAFE (mapping fire weather and fire potential), and WFAS (national-scale NFDRSv4 mapping, experimental gridded products). FEMS will also support analysis and outputs from the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System (CFFDRS).

5: Operational Support Tools - To provide the interagency authoritative source for NFDRS indices for fire danger-based decisions. FEMS will provide the platform for the data, analysis, and planning necessary to collaboratively develop and implement Interagency Fire Danger Operating Plans (FDOPs) in support of preparedness planning. FEMS will facilitate the implementation of the FDOP and coordinated fire danger-based decisions, including preparedness levels, daily staffing, fire response, fire restrictions, and fire prevention plans. FDOPs can be developed, maintained, implemented and archived within FEMS.