FAMWeb Data Warehouse

Version 1.0.0

The FAMWeb Data Warehouse (FDW) supports the basic goal of providing more efficient and cost effective fire suppression supporting research efforts and prescribed fire programs that rely on the ability to analyze current, historical, and other related fire data. The FDW provides users with a Web interface to flexible reporting tools integrating data from a variety of fire and weather databases. The FDW integrates fire and weather related data from the Fire Statistics (FIRESTAT) system, Weather Information Management System (WIMS), National Interagency Situation Report (SIT/209), and Annual Wildfire Summary Report (AWSR). In the future, a variety of other related data will be added. Information resources within the warehouse are accessed through a web-based interface allowing users, based on security roles, to view and print standard reports, create their own queries and reports, and conduct advanced analysis.