Legacy FAM Applications

The applications indicated below have been replaced by new FAM Applications.


Legacy Application Replacement Application Additional Information
AMIS ABS The Aviation Management Information System (AMIS) was decommissioned in 2019 and replaced by the Aviation Business System (ABS).
AWSR NASF The Annual Wildfire Summary Report (AWSR) has been decommissioned and replaced by the National Association of State Forestry (NASF).  State NASF data is loaded into the FAMWEB Data Warehouse which provides the state summary report.

InFORM Inspector has replaced FIRESTAT as of 06/02/2021. Please use InFORM Inspector to enter, finalize and certify final fire reports. For more information please contact your regional fire planner and visit the InFORM project home page at: InFORM Project. A process for updating historical fire records is being worked on. Download the FIRESTAT Manager list here