Enterprise Geospatial Portal (EGP)

Fire Enterprise Geospatial Portal (EGP) is the authoritative source of standardized geospatial information for the full range of wildfire activities ranging from response to planning.

Fire EGP leverages a central source of spatial data for mapping, decision support, business intelligence, and situational awareness through multiple tools to view and analyze wildland fire data: the Fire Globe, SituationAnalyst, the Incident Risk Console (RisC), and a GIS data repository.

System Status: Starting August 5, 2015, it is strongly recommended that users begin utilizing SituationAnalyst Mobile (SAM) for all desktop and mobile EGP use. The suggested change is in preparation of the retiring of the Silverlight plugin. The SAM uses HTML 5/Javascript technologies that are supported now and will be into the future. The current SituationAnalyst (SA) tool and the Geospatial Dashboard and Analysis Tool (GDAT) both use a Silverlight platform. Both tools will be retired from the EGP on 9/30/2015, when all new Internet Browsers will no longer support Silverlight. If you have questions, please contact us using the "contact" link.