The Forest Service (FS) Fire and Aviation Management (FAM) Information Technology (IT) Branch, located in Boise, Idaho, manages the FAM applications. The applications and their products are designed for use by the interagency fire community, which includes FS, Department of the Interior (DOI) Bureau of Land Management (BLM), National Park Service (NPS), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Department of Homeland Security – Federal Emergency Management Administration (DHS-FEMA), State Forestry Agencies (in all 50 states), and Municipal Agencies. The FS is the managing agency for the FAMIT applications. The number of organizations across, federal, state, and local boundaries using the FAMIT applications adds complexity for FS and its contractor in management, design, access, and communications regarding the applications.

FAM applications are used to collect, maintain, and disseminate fire, weather and all-hazard data (current and historical) in support of fire operations, budgeting, fire resource planning, firefighter safety, public affairs information dissemination, and public and private research and development. FAMIT applications directly support the FS mission by collecting, maintaining, and providing access to current and historical fire and weather data.